Indifference in the face of disability: collective hunger strike

indifference face au handicap greve de la faim collective 9947

To support two families without solution, associations and a collective mobilize and start a solidarity hunger strike. They are trying, by this desperate act, to challenge the Government, which reacted immediately.

Elisabeth, mother of Romain, and Jennifer, Morgan’s sister, will start a hunger strike on Monday, June 19, 2017, at 9 am, place de la République, in Paris. All week, maybe more. But they will not be alone … It will then be Céline’s turn in Agen then Jean-Michel and Sylvie in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Karine Albi … In total, eight people will take turns in this strike of the hungry ” solidarity “.

A solidarity hunger strike

Their claim? To challenge the President of the Republic and his government on the ” flaws of accompaniment, care and places in small institutions adapted and human scale that push families to terrible acts of desperation “. We owe this initiative to the Emilie Collective, which supports parents of children with disabilities, and several associations *; they decided, by this desperate act, to support Elisabeth and Jennifer who sent letters to Emmanuel Macron and his government, remained for the moment unanswered. The motto of this mobilization: ” Stop indifference to difference “.

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Open letter to the President

In an open letter sent on June 14, 2017 to the President of the Republic, are cited the cases of autistic young Morgan of 23 years in the Landes, Romain young autistic 15 years in the Val de Marne, Donovan in serious disability in the Landes, Lucas autistic child of 3 years in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. All are waiting for places and solutions. Like so many others … For months, these families have been accompanied and helped by the Emilie Collective. ” Until then, exchanges and collaborative work were possible with the former government and the Elysée , the letter says. Since your election and the setting up of the various ministries, we have, as only return, a screed of lead heavy of sense and consequences. “This hunger strike is a response to” closed doors and inertia. ” The signatories say, ” We will not cancel it.”

The smoldering fire

No question, according to his editors to be content with ” polite and courteous responses, a language of politician wood or hypothetical promises to extinguish the smoldering fire .” And to remind Emmanuel Macron that he has ” publicly committed to disability “, defined as one of the priorities of his quinquennium. They now demand ” strong and immediate acts “. ” The austerity policies carried out so far and the total lack of a real disability policy have led parents to put their lives in danger by climbing cranes in protest, others to end their lives ” Continues the letter. She asks, ” How many tears of rage and despair thousands of families ? “.

Call for general mobilization

Faced with this, the collective hardens the tone and intends to watch during the whole of the next quinquennium ” that a civic life, dignified and fair is applicable to all and is not the subject of a simple election promise and a communication operation with the appointment, as Secretary of State, of a mother of a child with Down Syndrome “. In conclusion, this open letter calls all citizens who recognize themselves in this struggle to the general mobilization. She has already received the support of several political figures.

The office of the State Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities was immediately alerted on the subject and is in the process of dealing with the situation. He contacted the people concerned.



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