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-Help of the ANAH (National Agency for the Improvement of the Habitat)

The building must have been completed for more than 15 years and the dwelling occupied as a principal residence for 9 years after the work. It is granted under conditions of household resources (annual taxable income of € 12,589 for a single person and up to € 37,105 / household of 5 persons).
The aid is capped at 70% within the limit of 8 000 € of subsidisable work.
However, when this ceiling of work is reached and the occurrence or the evolution of a handicap necessitates new developments, the Housing Improvement Commission can, on a case-by-case basis, reduce the period of 5 years normally necessary. before filing a new file.
In the event that the completion of the work is accompanied by minor work, the subsidy rate for accessibility or adaptation work for persons with disabilities may be applied to all the subsidized expenditure, in the ceiling limit of € 8,000.
The ANAH’s assistance can be combined with the zero-interest loan if the disability occurs after the entry into the premises and, under certain conditions, with the common law premium (for safety work, sanitation, etc.) .

-Tax credit

For his principal residence, the taxpayer can benefit from a tax credit of 15% for the installation of an elevator (the building must be at least 2 years old), and 25% for work related to equipment specially designed for the elderly and disabled. This tax credit is applied to the amount of equipment up to a ceiling and after deduction of premiums and aid provided to the taxpayer.

5.5% VAT

It applies for the installation of a lifting appliance (meeting the standards) and other adaptation work, if the dwelling is at least 2 years old.

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Convention Loan (PC) and Social Accession Loan (PAS)

They make it possible to finance the work of adaptation of the housing without condition relating to the age of the housing. The disability must have occurred after completion of the construction and the person can not simultaneously benefit from a zero rate loan. On the other hand, cumulation possible with the aid of 1% (subsidy or loan).

– Loan or subsidy of the 1% housing

Amount is capped at € 9,600 / dwelling with a possible increase of € 16,000 and within the limit of 50% of the cost of the work (60% under certain conditions of resources). Prior opinion of specialized agencies is required.
If the beneficiary is an employee of a company in the reporting sector, it is possible to benefit, subject always to prior notice, from a Pass-Travaux loan (at a rate of 1.5% plus, where applicable, the increase of € 16,000 for specific works).

-Help ALGI

To qualify, you must hold an 80% disability card and do work in your main residence. The loan or subsidy is granted according to the works and without means test. The amount of the aid is capped at € 16,000 (maximum of 50% of the amount of the works).


-Help of the ANAH

The building has been completed for more than 15 years. The unit must be rented as a principal residence for 9 years after the work. The lessor is subject to the annual contribution on rental income. The aid is granted up to 70% within the limit of 8 000 € of subsidisable work.

-Credit tax and VAT at reduced rate

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Private sector tenant

The tenant benefits from the reduced rate of VAT, the tax credit and the devices of the 1% housing under the same conditions as the landlord. As far as the ANAH’s help is concerned, it is necessary to have the written agreement of the lessor.
-The loan Pass-Works of the 1% housing
-Help ALGI
In the same conditions as for the owner occupant.

Accessing the property

-Zero rate loan

For the construction of a new home, it is possible to integrate the work of accessibility to housing into the financing plan. The condition of first-time accession is here suppressed.

Useful contacts

  • ALGI : 11, rue Saint-Florentin 75008 Paris Tel: 01 42 96 45 42
  • ANAH : National Agency for the Improvement of the Habitat Site:
  • ANIL : National Agency for Housing Information Site:
  • Ministry of Cohesion of the Territories:
  • AFM : French Association against Myopathies 1, rue de l’International PO Box 59 91002 Evry Cedex Tel. 01 69 47 28 28 Website:
  • APF : 17, boulevard Auguste Blanqui 75013 Paris Tel. 01 40 78 69 00 Website:
  • CICAT (Information and Advice Center for Technical Aids)
  • CFPSAA : French Confederation for the Social Promotion of the Blind and the Amblyopes
    6, rue Gager-Gabillot 75015 Paris Tel. : 01 45 30 96 12 Website:
  • UNISDA : National Union for the Social Integration of the Hearing Impaired 37, rue Sébastien 75011 Paris Tel. Website:
  • PACT-ARIM : 27, rue de la Rochefoucauld 75009 Paris Tel. 01 42 81 97 70 Website:



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