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Almoayyed to Showcase Advanced Human Resource Management Solutions and More at GITEX 2021

SM Hussaini, CEO, Almoayyed Computers Middle East, took the time to answer a few questions regarding their hopes for GITEX Global 2021, an overview of AI / ML trends and their vision for security for cloud infrastructure.

Can you describe to our readers the products, solutions or partnership agreements that you are announcing at GITEX Global 2021?

We will announce the launch of StaffDynamics. This is a product developed especially for the GCC and Middle East region as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O. StaffDynamics enables 360-degree management of human resources and associated processes, throughout the employee’s employment lifecycle in an organization. It is a feature-rich, intuitive, on-premise / cloud-based and user-friendly HR and Payroll platform designed to increase the productivity of businesses in the CCG region, by streamlining HR and Payroll processes and thus increase the accuracy and visibility of data. according to the standards and requirements of the Middle East.

There is a lot going on on the partnership front. I am very happy to announce our partnership with Sprinklr. This partnership with the world leader in customer experience management will allow us to meet a key requirement of our corporate clients to create strategies and deliver a better experience to their end customers based on the analysis based on the IA.

How important is it for your company to participate in GITEX Global 2021, in terms of face-to-face networking with your customers and partners?

There is no better platform than Gitex in the Middle East for the tech community to meet and network. This five-day window is the most productive week we have of the whole year if we measure the quality and quantity of appointments we have, whether with our clients or with our partners. In addition, many activities take place in parallel during the week, such as awards ceremonies, business meetings, etc. The week sees a convergence of technology leaders and decision makers in Dubai.

Another key program that we support is to ensure a strong presentation of the Bahrain pavilion at Gitex. We bring together leading companies in Bahrain as well as startups at the Pavilion.

What do you think are the key technologies that will fuel new innovations in 2022?

A new era is set, meaning the possibility of the pandemic and the digital transformation prominently emerging during this time. The technologies to support this new normal will flourish in the years to come. Tools to support collaboration between people, device-to-device, and apps to app will gain momentum and tools to make collaboration more insightful will lead to the adoption of AI / ML. In addition, tools to secure collaboration will be mandatory, leading to more point solutions in cyberspace. The processing of big data must fuel innovation in several verticals, healthcare and finance in particular. The cloud will be the de facto platform and the drive to make digital transformation possible will generate a lot of interest in modernizing and improving applications using low code programming.

What new trends do you see emerging in the cybersecurity industry in 2022?

Cyber ​​security threats are on the rise as we adopt more and more technologies. Organizations should probably start to focus more on accepting and passing on risk rather than mitigating risk. Most of them will only consider basic requirements and insurance as an alternative to building their own security infrastructure. Compromised business email, SAAS security, cloud infrastructure security in a multi-cloud environment, and insider threats will keep most people busy. Application security, scanning, and visibility will become more important to businesses than traditional security related to firewalls, antiviruses, and access controls. Specialized industry-specific security solutions will be more important than generic product coverage. We will likely see the industry move towards consolidated security portals spanning hybrid data centers, cloud applications, DevOps, and more.


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