9 ways to get money to start

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For many people, starting a business is a constant issue, since putting your store to not depend on your work or want to start building a real business that you can live sounds great.


However, the salary is not enough to put to work that food business or the repair shop that you want to start.

Do not be discouraged! To start you do not need to have a fortune in the bank or wait for your lottery ticket to be the cash. In fact there are many ways to raise money in your daily routine that can help you start your business.

No matter how old you are, all you need to have is the desire and the right knowledge to start.

In the following article we give you some infallible tips so that you can collect money in your daily life. Know them and take them to practice so that you can be an entrepreneur.

1.- Teach a language

In Mexico there are a number of people from other countries who decide to stay and live. This may be your opportunity, since there are many teaching centers that look for people who teach the language without necessarily having a certification.

Also, take it as a good opportunity to relate and have an extra income that can go to your goal of entrepreneurship.

You can also give summer courses where you teach the language you know. Many mothers prefer to have their children learn something new than in front of the television or playing video games.

Take advantage of holidays in your free time and build a course or workshop of that language that you had a hard time learning. Take advantage!

2.- Take care of children

It’s not about making this a part-time job or something from the newspaper, you can just negotiate with the parents of the creatures for a few hours, either in the morning or in the afternoon.

This can be a good way to get extra money to invest and start your business. Also think that those who have children, regularly your circle of friends also has, so, if you do your job well, they could recommend you.

It is important that you consider the responsibility of taking care of children and having contemplated that you will first have to earn the trust of the parents.

3.-Walk dogs

Now that pets are part of the family and not just a decorative element, there are people who work during the day and have no one to walk their pets or who sometimes have to go on a trip and can not take them.

This work, apart from being very simple, the profits can be incredible, because not only can you walk a dog but several at the same time. Just show your responsibility to the owners and you will see how good it is going to go.

4. Make your hobby a source of income

If you play the guitar, you are very good at some sport or you know how to make cakes, teach what you know and what you like to do and get income.

If it is your case, look for one of those houses of culture in your neighborhood and ask if they do not ask a person to give a workshop of what you know how to do.

Another option is that, as with the language, organize summer courses in your home. You will be surprised how many people want to use their time to learn new things.

The coolest thing of all is that you will have a source of income doing what you like and maybe there is your business and your other vocation. Do not think it!

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5.- Turn your skills into a service

Surely you are good at doing something, repair things, know electricity and plumbing or have skills with sewing. Turn these skills into a service.

Surely your neighbor prefers to pay you to fix the drain of the sink that the plumber who charges “an eye of the face and does not solve anything.” If you have practice with the sewing machine you can go to the schools and offer the mothers to amend the uniforms.

Making your skills a source of income is not as difficult as it seems. We all have a friend who puts fingernails to the quinceañeras, follow their example and take advantage of your skills.

6.-Sell yourself

Take out the seller that you have inside and start selling what you want and how you want. One option is catalog sales.

Yes! They are a cliché, but ask your aunt if she does not do well selling quilts. Also, you will not do it forever, just as long as you gather the necessary resources for the business you want. Fulfilling dreams is easy but not given away.

You can also go to the Outlet of clothes and shoes to buy what was not sold in stores and that can still be used.

You will find items at very cheap prices and you can sell them among your acquaintances. Like the lady who sells mayones in your work.

Buy sweets and sell at the office. Surely in other jobs you had a companion who happened with his backpack offering sweets and after a while you had everyone asking for some churritos, a chocolate or a palette.

You can buy bags of sweets in places like the central supply, but the infallible are peanuts, fill small bags and sell at 10 pesos, you will see how little by little the coins bring you closer to your goal of saving.

7.-Lava cisternas

Believe it or not there are people who do not like to wash the cisterns and prefer to pay because someone else does. There you have a good business!

José Luis is a nurse in a hospital and on the weekends he has free he accepts to wash cisterns. Although it is an occasional job, when he does he is paid up to 600 pesos for washing a cistern.

He started by washing the cistern of a neighbor who paid him 300 pesos to wash the tank and then that neighbor recommended it to a friend. Now that it does better it charges more than 500 pesos depending on how large the water tank is.

You can follow the example of José Luis and offer your services as a cleaner, it does not have to be always. With what you do for a while you can reach to gather a very good little lanita. Do you win?

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8.-Rent a room of your house

If you have an empty space at home, why not adapt it a little and rent it. You will be surprised how many people are looking to rent a room.

Many are students who come from another state to study and can not cover the rent of an entire department.

Just get abused and put rules so it does not end in disaster, this way you can get money without having to work overtime.

9-Request a credit

Sometimes it is also necessary that you help with the use of some credit. Putting a business will probably absorb some of your savings and you’ll probably need another push.

The advantage of applying for a loan to start a business is that you will be investing it and soon that loan will be paying only and will also be making money to you. Think that you are actually multiplying that money.

Some government institutions have strategic alliances with Credifiel, if you work in the government, investigate and apply for a loan with very simple procedures so you do not stop your goals.

As you see you do not need to be the son of a millionaire or a super ticket to start building your own business, just put to work, you get creative and apply some of these tips to earn extra income and undertake something that benefits you in the future.



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