10 tips to ensure your ecological loan

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The ecological loan

The ecological loan

Today, with the ecological loan or eco loan, you can finance your real estate project in respect of the environment. There are indeed many banks offering loans that allow the financing of work favoring energy savings and performance in old housing: installation of solar panels, wind turbines, hot water production units, heating regulation, thermal insulation…

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The ecological loan offers you the advantage of having a lower loan rate than a conventional loan.

The choice of your ecological loan insurance

The choice of your ecological loan insurance

To benefit from an eco-loan, you must guarantee it with ecological insurance to cover at least the risks of death and disability. You can choose your ecology loan insurance contract using our comparator insurance borrower online. You will find a cheaper offer and/or more extensive guarantees than the group insurance proposal of the lending bank.

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Eco insurance is a financing insurance that offers a zero-rate loan for renovation work that is designed to improve the energy performance of your home or apartment.

Thanks to the Eco insurance, you can now safely provide financing for the improvement of the energy quality of your home.

  • ecopret insurance for roof insulation
  • eco-warranty for wall insulation
  • eco-ready protection for floor insulation
  • eco insurance ready for the replacement of single glazing with double glazing high efficiency
  • economic cover for the installation of a ventilation system with heat recovery
  • EcoPret insurance for the installation of a gas condensing boiler, low temperature or high efficiency oil
  • eco-loan guarantee for the installation of a high efficiency biomass boiler
  • ecopret protection for the installation of a heater, a furnace or a radiant appliance
  • eco-friendly cover for installation of a bath heater or condensing hot water generator
  • ecopret insurance for the installation of a heat pump for heating
  • eco-protection for the installation of a heat pump for domestic hot water
  • garantieeco – ready for the installation of a combined heat and hot water heat pump



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